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The day my 18 year old grandson was killed in a car accident in pouring rain, ten days before Christmas 2016 was the worst day of my life. My son called on his day off, which was unusual, and I said, “what’s up?”

He said in a hoarse voice that alerted me immediately that something was wrong, “M O OOM?”

I said, “What’s wrong?” He said “Joe and Jude were both killed in a car accident,” and I said, “NOOO NOOOO NOOOO! ARE YOU SURE? DID YOU SEE IT?” He said he was there and yes, that is what the…

My daughter, my second child, is 55. I was very young, 19, when I had her. I didn’t want another child. I was deeply depressed. I was in an abusive relationship with my husband whom I married at 17 and he was 4 months younger.

I thought of falling down the stairs or something to end my pregnancy with her. My husband beat me the entirety of my pregnancy. I could not have been more depressed.

I did love her when she was born. Then at two she got chicken pox. …

Such an important article! I had to deal with this with my drug addicted and more importantly mentally ill daughter. Her first child was adopted by his paternal grandparents. The second went to live with an uncle far far away from me. The third I helped find adoptive parents and it was an open adoption so I visited while he was young. But as my own life took some tough turns I did not see him often and eventually not at all, just got sent photos. And then one day I read in the paper about this woman who was…

Very sad story. It was the fault of her family and her son's family. But back then the women were the source of all sexual evil. Not really a lot has changed.

Good article! I am still gobsmacked at the number of people who are not living in the reality that in insurrection happened on January 6th. . The ones who admit it happened try to put the blame on leftists. Which of course is in the face of Confederate and Nazi flags. They cannot be reasoned with. They have dug their heels in to deep to capitulate now.

"... 6,000 people have died after receiving a dose of the vaccine. " You didn't indicate whether this was just one dose as it really says, which would indicate they had other health factors causing their death. From what I understand, people who die of Covid right after getting a shot do have other health factors that caused their demise.

Thank you! I have started watching so many movies with whole theme being the degradation of a woman. Hunting her, trying to rape or kill her. And the woman doing irrational things like running down the middle of the street with a car chasing her or a man or men chasing her. Why? Why would you run down the middle of the street especially if being chased by a car? I now turn away from these films.

"With the Democratic party in its current state proving itself to be so fundamentally corrupt, weak, and unequipped to handle this moment, why would I volunteer on their behalf?"

Because the other side is far worse.

Very good article. I could have written the same thing myself but am too frustrated for words. You nailed it! The voting rights bill is the single most important piece of legislation out there. Without the right to vote we will continue to be dominated by the minority states and even more corrupt Republican obstruction and disregard for people in favor of their own selfish interests. We will become (if we aren't already) a failed state.

I remember when this all happened. Of course we did not hear about the juicy stuff. Jackie K/O was a woman who was never really known by another human being. Her husbands used her for status. So what did she have but spending their money? Jackie died of non=Hodgkin lymphoma in 1994. Your article seems to type her as gold digger. Perhaps it was more than that. She may have felt unloved and unknown. She may have sought revenge against men who cheated on her. She may have never truly known herself.

I’m sure you insulted me but since I have no idea what BNMW means it failed.

Donna D

In Seattle all adult life until moved 6 years ago to Northern Cali, following my grands. Yeah, I’m an oldie but goodie.

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